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Francesco Venturini - Concerti da Camera Op.1 (1714)

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Francesco Venturini probably owed his Italian family name to the Italianate fashion of the period, but his native region is thought to be Flanders, given that the baptismal register for his children describe him as Bruxellensis.
...In spite of the title ''concerti'' we are dealing here with an extensive collection of ''sonatas'' (a rather odd designation when the term ''suite'' would be more appropriate)...
...Venturini's music possesses all the qualities needed to captivate the listener. By turns nimble and dramatic, cheerful and serious, it invariably displays great refinement. Perfectly synthesising the different musical movements of the time, the composer devotes his subtle art to a quest for expressiviness, yet without thereby losing any of his spontaneity. The rediscover of his Concerti da Camera Op.1 is most certainly a significant event for our knowledge of the early eighteenth-century orchestral repertory....
David Plantier, February 2006


Sonata IX En Sol Mineur
Sonata II En La Mineur
Sonata VI En Mi Majeur
Sonata V En La Mineur
Sonata VIII En La Majeur

David Plantier, violin

La Cetra
dir. David Plantier

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