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Wagenseil - Quartets for low strings

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As a chief representative of early Viennese classicism, Georg Christoph Wagenseil (1715-1777) united Italian, French and German stylistic elements in his works. The Six Quartets for Low Strings on this double disc occupy a special position in his chamber music, simply by virtue of their unusual scoring and the type of classical four-movement quartet that was just coming into being. Piccolo Concerto Wien under the direction of Roberto Sensi introduces us to a music notable both for its music-historical significance and that typically Viennese quality: charm.

It is fascinating to note how, in the manuscript, the instruments are indicated alongside each of the 4 respective staves: violoncello o viola prima; violoncello o viola seconda; violoncello 3zo; basso. (first cello or viola; second cello or viola; third violoncello; bass). This would mean that not only is it possible to play these quartets with three cellos and double bass, but that there is another possibility – two violas, cello and double bass. In this second version with violas, the effect is that of a classical string quartet sounding an octave lower.
We were unable to resist taking the opportunity to employ this “viola” alternative in three of the six quartets. Not only does it create an interesting change in instrumental colour, but it expresses both of the performance indications given by Wagenseil himself.
Roberto Sensi


Sonatas for 3 cellos & double bass
(or 2 violas, cello & double bass)

No.3 in C major 
No.2 in F major
No.4 in A major
No.6 in G major
No.5 in B major
No.1 in D major

Piccolo Concerto Wien
dir. Roberto Sensi 

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