sabato 30 agosto 2014

G.P.Telemann - Der Getreue Music-Meister

4 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 4 RAR (379Mb)

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Würzburg Bach ChoirArchiv Produktion Soloists Orchestra
dir. Josef Ulsamer

(..)Telemann launched what is generally accepted as the first musical periodical in Hamburg in 1728. It ran to 25 instalments, or ‘lessons’ as he called them, which he issued fortnightly between November 1728 and November 1729. This was all pioneering stuff in the 1720s, as indeed it was in 1967 when Archiv bravely issued a box of five LPs to mark the two-hundredth anniversary of the composer’s death. Telemann probably intended his Getreue Music-Meister as an amateur musician’s vade-mecum and, with characteristic flair, included idiomatically written pieces in a wide variety of forms for voice and virtually every instrument then in current use. The result is a rich and extraordinarily colourful compendium in which Telemann’s own encyclopaedic learning in many different areas is reflected. (..) Nicholas Anderson, Gramophone (4,1996)

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  1. hello Bibixy

    thanks a lot for posting Telemann Heritage on your blog i am glad that i can find masterpieces of telemann
    any chance for complete handel and alessandro scarlatti works from cantatas , operas and oratorios i am really need it to complete my database of handel works , beside i am looking for cd CON CHE FESTIVA ALESSANDRO SCARLATTI , and please i hope to find oratorio

    The triumph of time and truth and handel duets with james bowman

  2. Thanks very much for the Ulsamer/Archiv version of Telemann's Constant Music Maestro .. and so soon after the Camerata of Cologne version, too!

    Perhaps the Cologne version is more authentic (?) ... but this one sounds more convincing, without being heavy-handed, Romantic or such.