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Concerto Italiano

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Recording after recording, Giuliano Carmignola, Andrea Marcon and the Venice Baroque Orchestra have proven themselves as a winning combination. After previously triumphing in the music of Vivaldi, Carmignola discovers the almost completely forgotten repertoire of the Italian violin concerto, bridging the gap between the Baroque and Classical styles in the mid-18th century. During this time period, violin virtuosi would travel across Europe giving concerts to great acclaim. It is their music that Carmignola performs. Concerto Italiano features a selection of violin concertos by Antonio Lolli, Domenico Dall'Oglio, Michele Stratico and Pietro Nardini - all selected and performed by Carmignola and all (except Lolli) world-premiere recordings.


Domenico Dall'Oglio (1700 - 1764)
Concerto for Violin in C Major

Michele Stratico (1728 - )
Concerto for Violin in G Minor

Pietro Nardini (1722 - 1793)
Concerto for Violin in G Major

Antonio Lolli (1725 - 1802)
Concerto for Violin in C Major Op.2a, No.2

Giuliano Carmignola, violin

Venice Baroque Orchestra
dir. Andrea Marcon

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