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Dowland & Jones - Songs for Voice & Lute

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Disc: 1
John Dowland - The English Orpheus

1. Awake, sweet love (The First Booke of Songes)
2. Can she excuse my wrongs? (The First Booke of Songes or Ayres)
3. All ye whom love or fortune
4. Dear, if you change
5. Semper Dowland Semper Dolens
6. Mister Dowland's Midnight (orpharion)
7. Sorrow, stay!
8. Die not before thy day
9. Mourn! Mourn!
10. Woeful heart (The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres)
11. Now cease my wand'ring eyes
12. Behold a wonder here
13. The lowest trees
14. Me, me and none but me (The Third and Last Booke of Songs or Aires)
15. Farewell, too fair
16. Earl of Derby His Galliard
17. Mistress Winter's Jump
18. Stay, Time
19. Shall I strive
20. Thou mighty God

Disc: 2
Robert Jones - The Muses Gardin

1. What if seeke for love of thee
2. Lie downe poore heart
3. When love on time
4. Farewell dear love
5. Love wing'd my hopes
6. Now what is love
7. Love is bable
8. Loves god is a boy
9. When wil the fountain
10. Flye from the world
11. Happy he
12. Goe to bed sweete Muze
13. Ite caldi sospiri
14. If in this flesh
15. O Thred of life
16. When I sit reading
17. Might I redeeme myne erours

Emma Kirkby, soprano
Anthony Rooley, lute & orpharion

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    gladly that you have Emma Kirkby albums , do you have album THE EMMA KIRKBY COLLECTION and COUPERIN LECON DE TENEBRAES Christopher Hogwood , i am looking for those as mp3