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Isabella Leonarda - Sonate a 1, 2, 3 e 4 istromenti

70 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 116Mb

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Isabella Leonarda was one of a small number of women musicians of the seventeenth century, and the only one to have left us such a vast amount of music. Her life certainly differed from that of her more or less famous male “colleagues”, for she was a nun composer with a great sense of devotion to the Virgin Mary. Music was for Leonarda an expression of her deep faith, a reflection of the parallel between divine and human order, contemplated and experienced through her own creative abilities. Her more than two hundred compositions include her instrumental works: the twelve sonatas for 1, 2, 3 and 4 instruments from her op. XVI. The sonata as a form took hold in the centers of northern Italy, and for 3/4th of a century, or approximately until 1650, it was cultivated almost exclusively in that area. It was nearly always published in groups of 6 or 12, and collections would conclude with a final sonata, often in the form of variations (such as Corelli’s Follia, op. V, n. 12) or another single composition. Leonarda herself followed this practice: her op. XVI indeed contains 12 sonatas, eleven of which are for 2 violins, violone and basso continuo, while the twelfth piece is for solo violin and basso continuo.


Sonata Prima
Sonata Seconda
Sonata Terza
Sonata Quarta
Sonata Quinta
Sonata Sesta
Sonata Settima
Sonata Ottava
Sonata Nona
Sonata Decima
Sonata Undecima
Sonata Duodecima

Cappella Strumentale
del Duomo di Novara

Servio Bona, violino
Igor Del Vecchio, violino
Claudia Poz, violoncello
Alberto Sala, organo positivo

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