lunedì 19 marzo 2012

Chants Maronite

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Schubho-Ihaw qolo (Glory to the Word of God)
Taw nimar (Let us come to proclain the happiness of Mary)
Yawno Tlito (The young dove bears the eagle)
Baytun Maghara (A house, manger!)
Ya bikra-l-'abi (O Son of the Father, we glorify thee)
Ho qtilo bmesrén (He who was crucified in Egypt) / Ja'al ilahou (God of all centuries, is in our midst) / Nashduka-sh-shoukran
Qanoun, variations
Hallel (Hallel to the Son of God) / Qadish qadish (Holy is the Lord God) / Mshiho dabyaldéh
Ya umma-l-lah (O mother of God, O gentle mother)
Anal-'ummu-l-hazina (I am the afflicted mother)
Nay, variations
Fil-layli (On the eve of his passion)
Bakkara abram (At daybreak Abraham led his only son)
Tisbohto-l-moryo (Upon the Cross, the Son of God gave up the ghost)
Yawmou-sh-sharr (God have mercy) / Rabbi-Imadhbouh
Ud, variations
Ayyouha-r-Rabbou Ilahuna / Fawqa-s-Salib (Upon the Cross the God of the Universe has died)
Moubarakun man fadana (Glory be to him who has redeemed us)
Tara'at (Mary has appeared before the cross)
Qama-lahou min mathwahou (God is arisen from among the dead)
Qadishat aloho (Holy art thou, God)
Qama wa-d-dhulmu hawa (He is arisen and the darkness has vanished)
Inna-l-masih qad qum

Soeur Marie Keyrouz
L'Ensemble De La Paix

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