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The Toledo Summit

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For this album, Orlando Consort sings an intriguing collection of music which could have been heard at the historic meeting of Archduke Philip the Fair and representatives of the Catholic hierarchy in 16th Century Spain. The release of The Toledo Summit marks a turning point for the Orlando Consort

"The Toledo Summit, a brilliantly conceived collection by the Orlando Consort, a crackerjack quartet of male singers. Twenty-on pieces in seventy-five minutes, and-wonder of wonders!-through all that polyphony the ear simply does not tire of listening to this immaculately blended quartet of singers. So well have they mastered vocal color as individuals and as an ensemble that you may fall prey to the illusion that the ensemble is differently constituted from one piece to the next, which it simply is not. If you buy one CD of Renaissance music this year, I would suggest it be this one. It's a treasure trove of great, mostly unfamiliar repertoire and of great chamber-music-singing."
James Keller, Chamber Music America - April 2004


1 - Gaude virgo mater by Pierre de La Rue
2 - Libera me, Domine by Juan de Anchieta
3 - Versa est in luctum by Francisco de Peñalosa
4 - Je n'ay dueil by Alexander Agricola
5 - Si dedero by Alexander Agricola
7 - Mater patris et filia by Antoine Brumel
8 - Secretz regretz by Pierre de La Rue
9 - Missa "Nuncqua fué pena maior": Kyrie by Pierre de La Rue
10 - Cancionero musical de Palacio: Ora baila tú by Anonymous
11 - Autant en emporte by Pierre de La Rue
12 - Justa fué mi perdición by Francisco de la Torre
13 - Desolatorum consolatur by Antonius Divitis
14 - A la Caça by Gabriel Luchas
15 - In te Domine speravi, per trovar pietà by Josquin Des Préz
16 - Ave sanctissimum et gloriosum corpus Christi by Anonymous
17 - Ave festiva ferculis Salomonis convivia regis by Anonymous
18 - Missa L'homme armé: Credo by Francisco de Peñalosa
19 - Ave rex noster by Alonso de Mondejar
20 - Oyan todos mis tormentos by Alonso de Mondejar
21 - Adorámoste, Señor by Francisco de la Torre

Orlando Consort

Robert Harre-Jones (Countertenor)
Angus Smith (Tenor)
Donald Greig (Baritone)
Charles Daniels (Tenor)

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    Admeto (1727)

    Handel. Il Pastor Fido - First version, HWV 8a, London 1712.

    Handel. Il Trionfo del Tempo e della Verità.

    Handel. Joseph and His Brethren.


    Handel. Alexander Balus.

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    Benedetto Marcello - Il pianto e il riso delle quattro stagioni dell’anno per la morte, esaltazione e coronazione di Maria sempre Vergine Assunta in Cielo

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