lunedì 28 gennaio 2008

Franz Joseph Haydn - Complete String Quartets

MP3 192 Kbps - 23 CDs - Notes, front & back covers

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CD 1: Opus 1, N°1-4
CD 2: Opus 1, Opus 2
CD 3: Opus 2, Opus 42
CD 4: Opus 9, N°1,3,4
CD 5: Opus 9, N°2,5,6
CD 6: Opus 17, N°1,3,4
CD 7: Opus 17, N°2,5,6
CD 8: Opus 20, N°1-3
CD 9: Opus 20, N°4-6
CD 10: Opus 33, N°1,2,5
CD 11: Opus 33, N°3,4,6
CD 12: Opus 50, N°1-3
CD 13: Opus 50, N°4-6
CD 14: Opus 54, N°1-3
CD 15: Opus 55, N°1-3
CD 16: Opus 64, N°1-3
CD 17: Opus 64, N°4-6
CD 18: Opus 71, N°1-3
CD 19: Opus 74, N°1-3
CD 20: Opus 76, N°1-3
CD 21: Opus 76, N°4-6
CD 22: Opus 76, N°1-2
CD 23: Opus 51, Opus 103

Kodaly Quartet

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  1. Dear Bibixy,

    Greetings again from your friend in New Zealand.

    Many, Many, Thanks for answering my request and for the hard work put in by you in uploading these awesome and fine "Quartets" on your Blog.

    I specially thank you for the hard work put in by you with regard to this upload.

    I have come across some "Classical Music Blogs" on the web but i must say this frankly that in terms of quality -- there is nothing that compares to your Blog.

    Thanks again.


  2. Dear Bibixy,

    Greetings again.

    Thanks for uploading these Quartets.

    I am looking forward to the remaining in the near future by the Kodaly Quartet.

    I do agree with you that the other Quartet may be better than the Kodaly Quartet.

    Thanks for all your uploads.

    The Best Classical Music Blog on Earth.

    Regards and have a good week-end.

  3. Dear Bibixy,

    Greetings yet again.

    I would be most grateful if u could upload CD'S 19 AND 20 and the remaining whenever u can.

    Thanks for all the uploads so far.


  4. Monumental Upload
    Your wonderful Blog is a continue surprise!!

  5. tengo problemas con los link.
    dice que tiene derechos de autor.
    por favor, volver a subir los links.

  6. Obrigado por estes quartetos