lunedì 2 aprile 2007

Kees Boeke - Monodia

7 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 2 RAR file (60Mb+48Mb)


1. Tractus - Anon., c.800/900: Qui Habitat (Psalm XC)
2. Sequens - Thomas Aquinas / Anon. c.1100: Lauda Sion
3. Leich - Frauenlob: Der Mynnekliche Leych
4. Saltarello - Anon., c.1380: Saltarello
5. Lay - Machaut: Le lay de l'Ymage
6. Ballata - Gherardello: Io vo amando;
Lorenzo Masini: Non vedi tu, amore;
Masini: Non perch'i' spiri;
Masini: Donne, e fu credenza;
7. Istampitta - Anon., c.1380: Belicha

Kees Boeke
(medieval tenor recorder, cylindrical tenor flute, contralto recorder, soprano recorder, tenor vielle)

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  1. Hi,

    this album is great ! many thanks for this and all other albums posted in your blog.

    your blog is a must for all fans of early music.

  2. Many, many thanks!

  3. Well.. I am astonished by the beauty of music and the passion of playing.. This music sounds like a ceremony in the woods where people touch their memories. Music to concentrate..
    Thanks a lot

  4. Hello
    I'm a violinst and I collect classic CD's
    I'd like to have all Cd's from your site but the rapidshare is slow for free users..

    I'd like to know if you're interested in changing CD's via MSN:

    I have about 300 Cd's in PC and about 600 Cd's coming next month

    Thx And congratz 4 ur site!

  5. Caro Branle de Champaigne.

    Impianti molto interessanti. La scanalatura suona molto calma. Ringraziamenti mólto.

    Gambini/Rio de Janeiro/Brasil